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Dr Martin Huang (Paragon, Singapore)

Located in Singapore’s prime shopping and entertainment district of Orchard Road, it also conveniently shares the same building address as the Pacific Surgical and Endoscopy Center (PSEC) where Dr Huang performs most of his cosmetic surgery procedures.

Dr Huang has published numerous scientific papers in international plastic surgery journals. He has lectured widely on various plastic surgery subjects and has given many media interviews on cosmetic surgery.

He is also founding board member of the Allergan AsiaCouncil of Breast Esthetics (AACE).
If you are considering a breast augmentation, be careful about requesting breasts that are too large for your frame.

dr martin huang
A very small woman will look unnatural with very large breasts, and she will likely suffer from back pain as well. It is better to go with something that looks more natural and is comfortable, as this will help to ensure your long term happiness.

Avoid having more than one plastic surgery done at the same time, no matter what your surgeon may say. For example, do not have liposuction and breast augmentation performed in the same procedure. The chances of side effects or complications from surgery are greatly increased when you have more than one done at the same time.


When considering the cost of different cosmetic surgeries, it is important to understand that some procedures must be performed more than once to produce the desired effects. 

For example, many people find that more than one breast augmentation is needed to maintain a natural, healthy appearance. You must ensure that you can afford the upkeep associated with your chosen surgery.

dr martin huang

You can locate Dr Martin Huang's linkedin profile here.
To view his book, visit this link.

Modern enhancement surgical treatment makes use of excellent quality, double-layered breast implant, which are much less most likely to fracture or allow diffusion of the internal gel with the dental implant http://facebook.com/martin.huang.35110 Nonetheless, due to the previous background of improperly created implants, some individuals still presume that modern-day variations are just as vulnerable to fracture as older models.

So, exactly what took place in the past? Well, the Restorative Goods Administration records just how the first generation implants were created to provide cosmetic surgery choices to women undertaking mastectomy or genetic defect modification. These original implants were made with a thick, single-layered, silicone rubber envelope confining a silicone gel http://doctors.com.sg/dr-martin-huang.html Nevertheless, in a quote to enhance fluidity of implants, the silicone rubber envelope in second generation variations was made thinner. Since it was a slim, single-layered envelope, it was more prone to fracture as well as diffusion of the had gel via the envelope.

Naturally, individuals that might have had the experience of making use of such very early breast augmentation versions would certainly have a negative perception of enhancement surgical procedure. This assumption is likewise likely to spread out as people share their experiences http://catholichighpeople.blogspot.sg/2009/12/martin-huang.html.

The layout of modern-day breast implants makes it much less vulnerable to burst, as well as diffusion of the silicone gel via the dental implant, while still keeping its fluidity. This is feasible due to its double-layered silicone envelope as well as thicker silicone gel.

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